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Cavalry Charging - Conrad Gessner

Cavalry Charging - Conrad Gessner

"Cavalry Charging" This print originates from a pen-and-tusche lithograph, by Conrad Gessner

A. Cavalry Charging - Conrad Gessner, 1801
B. Cavalry Charging - Conrad Gessner, 1801

These prints have been carefully restored, and enhanced, to recapture their former vibrancy. This listing is for a single print only. Depending on the image's original size /dimensions, there may be a border around the image which can vary.
This a high quality reproduction print, not an original from a book or elsewhere, no beautiful books were destroyed to make this print..
We print on, 200 gsm art paper, using only original and official UV (pigment based) archival inks. UV inks contain enhanced light stabilisers protecting the vibrancy of your prints for well over 100 years if print is displayed or stored properly.

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