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Problem solving the cutting of 7mil Mylar

The following blog post communicates an attempt to problem solve the cutting of 7mil mylar using the zing Orbit 24". A small section of the main image (birch tree) was used to achieve a clean consistent cut before embarking on the larger stencil image.

A large 28''x30'' carrier mat was prepared using repositionable adhesive.  I should have washed it with soapy water before recoating it.  I am therefore not sure if the mat was coated correctly. The surface of the mat was almost wet tacky when used.  As I used the mat the glue was congealing into dirty lumps that resembled dirty adhesive left behind after peeling of a label. You can see this sticking to the mylar.  Perhaps I used too much glue.  The mylar was firmly stuck to the carrier mat however.

I experimented by placing the small trial samples on different areas of the mat to test for consistency.

I sat the 24'' orbit on a long table.  Using large A1 drawing boards I created a flat surface at each end.  This was at the hight of the cutting plain.  At this time I don't have cutting plates.  The cutting plates appear to sit lower that the cutting plane. I wonder why this is? They are also not that wide.  I am really not sure how these are designed to support the carrier sheet.

STEP 1-3

Step 1-  Advised settings for 7mil mylar, red blade, 1 cut, speed 15, 65 pressure, 15 post-it notes and up speed 11.  Started with this setting but the cutter only scored the mylar.

Step 2- Increased blade 1/4 stop.

Step 3- Continued to increase blade 1/4 stop.



Step 4- Increased pressure to 80.  Why is there a double line showing on the image.  I also noticed this on the SVG?

I wonder what this double line is?  I turned of the fill and stroke and it was still there.  I managed to get rid of it by clicking on the last layer on the layers panel.  This stopped the cutter cutting out the border of the stencil.

Step 5- Increased pressure to 90 and turned the blade another 1/4 turn clockwise to extend more blade length.  Started multi cutting x2.

Step 6- Increase blade another 1/4 turn.



Step 7- Increase blade another 1/4 turn and reduce speed to 11. Starting to worry about blade protruding too much.Not cutting into the mat.  This was unusual.

Step 8- Tried same cut agin only in a smaller size.  Oh dear not working.  Why is this.  Surely it should be able to cut any size.

Step 9-Tried same setting again only on a bigger size.  This worked reasonably well so thought I would try and 15'' x 15'' section. 


STEPS 10-12

Step 10- Disaster.  An uneven cut was produced.

Step 11- Increased post-it notes to 17.  Increased up speed to 15.  Disaster again

Step 12- The cutter is now cutting the multicut x2 in different places.  Another line issue.  I also increased pressure to 100 and added another 1/4 turn of the blade.

It is now time to scream out loud. LOL.

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